Hangovers Part 2: Treat A Hangover With Vitamins

Hemorrhoids affect almost everyone at some time in their lives. They are very painful, sometimes have an intense itch, and if you experience them, you are most likely frantic for a cure! Here we will go over what causes hemorrhoids, how to treat them, and how to prevent them from coming back.

Hemorrhoids can occur internally, externally, or both inside and outside of the anus. Most people have both at once. Hemorrhoids are swollen and irritated veins. Veins that are under pressure will swell up and stretch, sometimes creating a hemorrhoid. There are many things that can encourage hemorrhoids to flare up. Being overweight or pregnant can put added pressure on the pelvis and colon, causing veins to bulge and become inflamed. Straining to move bowels can also cause blood to flow rapidly to the colon, stressing and stretching veins. Most people experience hemorrhoids after being constipated.

Constipation puts a lot of stress on the colon and can quickly make hemorrhoids worse. You should try to keep bowels soft by consuming plenty of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can help to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and also decrease your risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Soluble fiber turns into a slippery gel when mixed with liquids. Drinking plenty of water when you take soluble fiber supplements or eat soluble fiber foods will help you to keep your bowels soft. Additionally, soluble fiber balances the pH of your intestine, eliminating fatty acids and toxins that can irritate sensitive tissues.

Another way to help prevent hemorrhoids is to strengthen the walls of your veins and decrease inflammation. A lot of people get hemorrhoids as they get older, simply because their vein walls are becoming weaker with age. Our body is constantly repairing damaged cells by using collagen and elastin. These substances make our veins, arteries and capillaries strong and flexible. In order to produce collagen and elastin, our bodies require quite a bit of vitamin C. Taking vitamin C also controls inflammation and can help to treat hemorrhoid symptoms.

Most people, especially the elderly, do not get enough vitamin C in their diets. Even worse, our vitamin C requirements increase as we age. This means that we are not producing enough collagen and elastin to repair damaged cells unless we are consuming enough vitamin C. So, we get wrinkles and our bodies begin to break down. If the body doesn?t have collagen and elastin to repair cells and veins, it uses our cholesterol to make a patch. These patches are hard and inflexible. This is how cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries.

Part of avoiding and treating hemorrhoids is taking care of your body as a whole. Taking the right vitamins and supplements along with soluble fiber and the best vitamin C can help you to avoid hemorrhoids and a whole lot of other diseases. Eat healthy, get plenty of exercise and rest, and buy vitamins that can help you keep your body running at top speed.

Health And Wellness Depend On The Colloidal Trace Minerals We Consume

Colloidal trace minerals are just as important to our health and well being as vitamins. Practically since birth we have had it pounded into us that we must eat our vitamins if we are to be healthy. The fact is that vitamins are of little use to you without minerals which are as essential for your metabolism as any vitamin is.

The essential minerals are the inorganic equivalents of the essential organic vitamins. They work together to maintain the biochemistry that keeps you alive. Take calcium, for example. That is a mineral needed for healthy teeth and bones, among many other things, but it is no good without vitamin D. Magnesium and potassium are also needed for healthy bones. Take blood clotting: vitamin K is the blood clotting vitamin, but blood will not clot without calcium.

How is energy generated in your body from the carbohydrates and sugars that you eat? They are converted to glucose that is converted to energy in every cell in your body and used in-situ. Your heart gets the energy to beat from cells in the heart ? energy does not float around the blood waiting to be used. It is generated by means of the production of a substance known as ATP ? adenosine triphosphate of which phosphorus is an essential component. Without the mineral phosphate none of us would be alive ? nor would any form of life for that matter. ATP is the universal molecule of life.

So far we have discussed some of the seven major minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium and chlorine. There are many more that your body needs, and estimates vary from 45 to 70 trace minerals, without which you would find it difficult to function properly. Although your body can make many of the organic substances needed for life from vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and proteins, it cannot make minerals which have to be taken in as part of your diet. They must be taken in your regular diet or as a supplement.

In the USA a major mineral is one that is needed in amounts greater than 100 mg (0.1g) a day, and trace minerals are required at less than 100 mg a day. So one that is needed at 100.1 is major, and one at 99.9 mg is trace. Is there a difference in the source of trace minerals, or would any source be good enough? The answer lies in the construction of the human body, and the way in which it absorbs minerals.

Your body is not designed to absorb metallic minerals. The way that such minerals are available in your diet is as part of larger organic molecules, and this is the way they must be taken as a supplement. Thus, you can?t just drink a soluble metal salt because it will pass straight through you with only around 5% absorption, if it doesn?t poison you first. For supplement purpose, metallic minerals are chelated, or combined with larger organic molecules such as proteins and amino acids, and this increases absorption to as high as 50%.

The necessity of trace minerals in the human diet was not discovered, as much as the result of a number of studies on various societies and remedies that appeared to have no basis for their effects. The Hunzas and Azerbaijanis, for example, are known to live very long lives, and investigations into this showed their diet was very rich in colloidal trace minerals from glacial water and food grown in soil enriched by that water.

It was through studies such as this and also investigation into the metabolites obtained from liver extracts that indicated the importance of many trace minerals. Take arsenic, for example. A known poison in larger quantities, trace quantities have been found to be metabolized by the liver, and while no studies have been carried out on the use of arsenic as a trace element in human biochemistry, studies on rats and human liver extracts have indicated that it could have a part to play in normal growth and reproduction.

Trace minerals take part in many enzyme reactions, and physicians now agree that many health conditions could be enzymic in origin. It follows, then, that trace elements are important in maintaining good health. It is certainly true that we cannot live without any of the seven major minerals. And it is just as certain that many of the trace minerals are just as import to human biochemistry as the major ones. It is certainly true of vegetables, which are less complex biological entities than humans, and if tomatoes need at least eight known minerals for good growth then it is certain that we will need a lot more. No studies are needed to convince us of that.

Take zinc, for example. Zinc is essential for proper liver function, wound healing and reproduction: spermatogenesis, the proper development of the primary and secondary male sex organs, and all area of the female reproduction process. Zinc is classed as a trace element, as is selenium, a deficiency of which can lead to heart disease, mental retardation and impaired function of the thyroid. Selenium deficiency is not common in the West but is in China where many areas are depleted of selenium. However, if zinc and selenium are known to be essential, how many of the other seventy or so trace minerals are also essential to human health?

The trace minerals in general are believed to protect us from some degenerative conditions, the effects of environmental pollution and help to protect us from the effects of an excessive intake of toxic minerals. Although there have been insufficient studies carried out on most trace minerals, it is known that they should be taken in chelated form, metallic in nature or not.

It is also known that such minerals should be taken as a balanced mixture as found in nature. A bullet approach, using an individual mineral to treat a certain condition, could lead to an imbalance in the body, and severe side effects, some of which might not yet be known. What is known is that certain minerals are tolerated by each other in specific relative concentrations, but if this balance is upset then they can inter-react and produce unpleasant side effects on, for example, the delicate balance of minerals in the blood.

It is becoming increasingly clear that modern farming methods have resulted in mineral depletion of the soil, and that our normal diet now only contains a small number of the minerals that our forefathers were taking. Plants draw up minerals from the soil when they grow, and we take in these when we consume them or the animals that live on them. Saturation of the soil year in year out by chemical fertilizers low in or devoid of trace minerals has resulted in a sterile environment for our feedstock, and has made colloidal trace mineral supplements almost mandatory for good health.

Today?s plants can contain fewer than 20 minerals, compared to the 70 plus of our ancestors. Life expectancy is increasing in spite of our increasingly poor diet rather than because of it, and is due more to medical advances than to advances in agriculture. A mineral supplement does seem necessary, but when you take one it should be balanced so that no one mineral is in excess at the expense of another.

This helps to reduce the possibility of overdosing on an individual substance while maintaining a natural balance of minerals in your body to make sure that your normal biochemistry is not interrupted by some deficiency or excess that has yet to be discovered. While this might seem a spurious argument, you can be certain that those in the past that used cadmium and lead as cosmetics would rather have known the effects of these toxic substances that eventually killed them.

So use chelated trace mineral by all means, but make sure that they are balanced and tested so that nothing is present that can upset the normal balance of minerals in your body. If they work for tomatoes they should work for you!

Herbs Can Build A Natural Immunity Over Time

Our body continually builds new tissue with one of the things that would stop this from happening is a very low vitality or natural immunity in the body. The scientific community is talking a lot about natural herbs, with all the talk going on about the AIDS disease, which occurs in those people who have a very low natural immunity. What is needed by the scientific community is a way to focus on cancer cells while leaving the rest of the normal cells untouched.

It is obvious that the scientific community realizes the importance of immunity in the total health of the whole human body. However, the issue lies in how to build the immunity, with the difference in the natural and scientific viewpoints being readily seen. From the natural standpoint, natural immunity is raised and built by natural things like whole foods, exercise, and peace of mind. While the scientific community believes that immunity can be helped and increased with drugs, chemicals, and surgery. With herbs having 4,000 years of experience on humans, scientists have only about 100 years of experience and most of that experience is on animal studies.

One should look at the effects of drugs, with the basic underlining principle of a drug being to suppress a disease or kill a bacteria or virus so that natural immunity can grow stronger and overcome the whole disease condition. Although that sounds good initially, we have to make a sacrifice and face the side effects. A lot of these side effects can be rather severe, causing many people to wonder if it is a fair trade. The other issue is that chemicals produce sever to life-threatening side effects. It has been stated that the number of people who are in the hospitals because of the mistakes of doctors or drug contradictions ranges anywhere from 25% to 40%. It is not debatable that if you suppress a disease or try to kill bacteria and you take that drug away, many times the bacteria will come back in a stronger state, causing the doctors to use a stronger and stronger drug, sometimes causing more problems than it actually solves.

Herbalists are trying to help accentuate all of the natural forces of the body with food or herbs. Golden Seal is a food that is not toxic also an herb and does not kill anything in the human body, but is extremely effective at raising the natural immunity and therefore, the body corrects the bacterial imbalance by itself. One of the many benefits of herbs it that they don’t have any side effects. Instead, they produce a renewed high immune vitality and natural energy boost. With an herb that helps to boost the immune system, bacteria that affect the body can not continue to grow because the body has a strong immune system.

The body’s high natural immunity can handle disease situations completely on its own. However, this is assuming that the whole environment is positive and going to reinforce the new higher natural immunity in your body. But one must know that going on a bad diet, not getting exercise, and having a negative attitude (stress) can cause a decrease in the body’s natural immunity. No amounts of herbs are going to help much when one doesn’t take care of them selves.

Fish Oil Recommended: Be The First To Read What The Experts Are Saying On The Right Fish Oil Dose

World over, fish oil is recommended by medical experts as the best source for Omega 3 fatty acids. Find out what’s the right fish oil dose and other important expert facts in this article.

Most people do not eat enough fish in their diet. Fish oil is recommended by the medical experts as it is the best known source of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA.

Although, flax seed oil supplements contain these omega-3 fatty acids, its ALA need to be converted into DHA and EPA by the body to be used by the brain, heart and other organs.

This conversion does not always go in a smooth manner, especially for those with sub par health or elderly people. This is the reason why EPA and DHA should be obtained directly through quality fish oil products that are recommended by Medical experts.

One of the best qualities of fish oil recommended by experts is the one derived from the Hoki fish in New Zealand. It is naturally high in Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. It is found in the cleanest waters of the world in southern New Zealand, which is regulated and protected by the government of New Zealand.

The medical community is not unanimous on the appropriate fish oil dose levels. Their recommendation varies from 2 to 5 g per day. As fish oil is a natural product and not a synthetic one; as long as it is pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled, the side effects at the most that are commonly found are a fishy aftertaste and rare cases of diarrhoea.

While the fishy aftertaste can be prevented by consuming it after meals, for diarrhoea doctors recommend a lower fish oil dose.

However, you need to be careful in case you are using medical prescriptions for blood thinners. Fish oil is a natural blood thinner. Therefore, you should consult your doctor in case you intend to use it for health benefits.

Hoki fish oil is the best fish oil recommended by medical experts. It is natively available from the cleanest habitats that have been untouched by industrial pollution such as Mercury, PCBs, lead and other industrial waste. Cod fish which is generally used, contains a high degree of impurities and high levels of Mercury; which affects the safe fish oil dose, as excessive intake could lead to Mercury poisoning.

Some supplement companies also sell shark liver oil. It is not the fish oil recommended by us, as research has shown that shark livers contain some of the highest recorded levels of Mercury pollution. Besides that, shark oil is also not a very good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Visit my website to find out in greater detail about the best fish oil recommended by experts and an in depth research of the right fish oil dose. This valuable information can help you achieve a sharp mind and a healthy body most effortlessly.