Herbs Can Build A Natural Immunity Over Time

Our body continually builds new tissue with one of the things that would stop this from happening is a very low vitality or natural immunity in the body. The scientific community is talking a lot about natural herbs, with all the talk going on about the AIDS disease, which occurs in those people who have a very low natural immunity. What is needed by the scientific community is a way to focus on cancer cells while leaving the rest of the normal cells untouched.

It is obvious that the scientific community realizes the importance of immunity in the total health of the whole human body. However, the issue lies in how to build the immunity, with the difference in the natural and scientific viewpoints being readily seen. From the natural standpoint, natural immunity is raised and built by natural things like whole foods, exercise, and peace of mind. While the scientific community believes that immunity can be helped and increased with drugs, chemicals, and surgery. With herbs having 4,000 years of experience on humans, scientists have only about 100 years of experience and most of that experience is on animal studies.

One should look at the effects of drugs, with the basic underlining principle of a drug being to suppress a disease or kill a bacteria or virus so that natural immunity can grow stronger and overcome the whole disease condition. Although that sounds good initially, we have to make a sacrifice and face the side effects. A lot of these side effects can be rather severe, causing many people to wonder if it is a fair trade. The other issue is that chemicals produce sever to life-threatening side effects. It has been stated that the number of people who are in the hospitals because of the mistakes of doctors or drug contradictions ranges anywhere from 25% to 40%. It is not debatable that if you suppress a disease or try to kill bacteria and you take that drug away, many times the bacteria will come back in a stronger state, causing the doctors to use a stronger and stronger drug, sometimes causing more problems than it actually solves.

Herbalists are trying to help accentuate all of the natural forces of the body with food or herbs. Golden Seal is a food that is not toxic also an herb and does not kill anything in the human body, but is extremely effective at raising the natural immunity and therefore, the body corrects the bacterial imbalance by itself. One of the many benefits of herbs it that they don’t have any side effects. Instead, they produce a renewed high immune vitality and natural energy boost. With an herb that helps to boost the immune system, bacteria that affect the body can not continue to grow because the body has a strong immune system.

The body’s high natural immunity can handle disease situations completely on its own. However, this is assuming that the whole environment is positive and going to reinforce the new higher natural immunity in your body. But one must know that going on a bad diet, not getting exercise, and having a negative attitude (stress) can cause a decrease in the body’s natural immunity. No amounts of herbs are going to help much when one doesn’t take care of them selves.